The Pushkin Apartment Museum

The Pushkin Apartment Museum, located in one of the oldest stone mansions in St. Petersburg at River Moika, 12, is the MemorialMuseum of the poet, telling about the last period of his life and creativity. That was Alexander Pushkin’s last apartment. There he died on January 29 (old style), 1837 after he had been mortally wounded at the duel. Since 1925, when the apartment officially became a museum, the tradition began to come to the courtyard of Pushkin’s house to pay homage to the poet’s memory. Annually, on February 10, the day of Pushkin’s death (new style), the meeting is held there attended by the representatives of scientific and creative intelligentsia, St. Petersburg administration and Pushkin’s descendants. At 2.45 P.M., when Pushkin’s heart ceased beating, the moment of silence is observed.

At present, the Museum features the poet’s apartment recreated to its primary state with the help of historical documents and recollections of Pushkin’s friends. On display are objects that belonged to his family, friends and contemporaries. The main room of the apartment is Pushkin’s Working Study. Many things there remember the touch his hands.

In the basement of the Museum building, one can find the introductory exhibition informing about the history of the house, the life of Alexander Pushkin in Petersburg in 1836, the history of his last duel, and the response of the contemporaries on Pushkin’s death.

Museum address: 191186, St.-Petersburg, Moika 12 embakment.

How to arrive: «Nevsky prospect» suburban station.

Working hours: Daily except Tuesday and the last Friday of each month, 10:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (the booking-office closes at 5:00 p.m.).

Phone: (812) 571-35-31.