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The Nekrasov Apartment Museum

In 1946, The Nekrasov Apartment Museum opened in the apartment of the great Russian poet, critic and publisher Nickolay Nekrasov). Nekrosov lived at 36 Liteiny Avenue for 20 years from 1857 until his death in 1877.

His apartment also housed the editorial office of two of the most popular and advanced Russian magazines of the time: «Sovremennik» (‘The Contemporary’) started by Pushkin in 1836, and «Otechestvennye Zapiski» (‘Notes of the Fatherland’). According to one of Nekrasov’s contemporaries, «the history of these rooms echoes the history of the entire epoch’s literary relations, and indeed the origins of Russian journalism. The most prominent Russian writers of the second half of the nineteenth century frequented Nekrasov’s home: Ivan Turgenev, Leo Tolstoy, Alexander Ostrovsky, Fyodr Dostoyevsky and many others.


On display there are portraits of Nekrasov by important Russian artists like Ivan Kramskoy and Konstantin Makovsky, as well as Nekrasov’s original photographs, and portraits and photographs of his famous contemporaries. Especially valuable are Nekrasov’s personal belongings, draft copies of his poems and manuscripts supplemented with illustrations made by Russian artists famous in his life time.

The Panaev Part of the Museum features the talented writer, and journalist Ivan Panaev (Nekrasov’s co-editor and best friend). While the apartment of Andrey Krayevsky, a famous writer, critic, publisher, and the owner of the house is also on the museum premises. These rooms are used as exhibition halls for contemporary artists and art collectors from St. Petersburg.

Museum Address: 36, Liteyny Prospect, St. Petersburg, 191104
Telephone: + 7 812 272 01 65
To get here: metro stations “Mayakovskaya”, “Vladimirskaya”, or “Dostoyevskaya”, further — by trolleybus along Liteyny Prospect up to Nekrasov Street
Opening Hours: Open daily except Mondays, Tuesdays and the last Friday of each month, 10:30 am — 6:00 pm (the ticket-office closes at 5:00 pm)

Price of tickets:
Adults - 200 roubles
Students, pensioners -100 roubles 

Free entrance on the 18th of May (International Museum Day), 10 December (Nekrasov's Birthday Day)
Non-professional photography and video shooting of the museum interiors are free of charge